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October, 2012 our Month in South Carolina

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Sept 10th The Lord has blessed us with a very full summer of ministry.  We are now into our last week here in Florida. We have a busy weekend coming up with a youth group on Sat. and 2 churches on Sunday. Then Lord willing we will be pulling out Monday morning. We had been planning another trip out to CA, but that will have to wait till next year, as we have a full slate of churches lined up in SC, NC and VA for this fall.  Sept 29th,

We head out in a few minutes (when the laundry finishes) and have a very full schedule starting with 2 churches tomorrow in Lawrence SC.  We have 15 scheduled seminars for the month of Oct.  (all in SC) Please pray for strength, cooperation among the children, health for everyone, but mostly that people will be strengthened in their faith and lives will be committed to following God.  We have an opportunity to share at a boy’s camp Oct 9th – please especially pray for the boys there.
As we head out our resource box is full with 70 labeled DVDs (Thanks to Grace church and Doneine’s help) and 100 dino DVDs are on there way.  Plus we have lots of booklets and tracts to give away.
We have Oct 24 – Nov 4 not scheduled (which may be a good break) but we are also available for whatever God may open as we travel.
Also we are actively looking for our new home, so please continue to pray for God’s leading in the search.
Homeschooling has been going pretty well (some days better then others) but we’ve had some breakthroughs – Jonny has learned his multiplication tables!! and learned how to study his spelling words! reading is still slow – but he can do it now.  Please pray that we can keep the momentum going as our schedule gets very busy.
Oct 18th,
Since leaving Ga on Sept 29, we have shared at 4 Mennonite schools, 7 churches, and 1 boys camp! This weekend will be busy with chapel in the morning then 4 programs over the weekend.  Then we will be headed down to Orangeburg, SC where we have been asked to share at a Methodist college.  (that will be a first.) This has been the busiest month of our ministry, and we praise God for all the opportunities.
On the home front, school has been going well, the van has had no problems, and other than that night with Jerry, everyone has been healthy.  One of our host families (which quickly became good friends) happened to also be a dentist.  We had checkups all around – and praise the Lord only Brian had major cavity needing filling.
Here is what is left on our itinerary:
Friday – Cornerstone Chirstian Acad. then that night at Crooked Run Baptist
Sat night also at Crooked Run
Sun Am still at Crooked Run Then PM at a community Church
Wed and Thur Southern Methodist College
2 weeks open
Nov 7 Salem Bapt in Dobson, NC
Nov 11 Victory Bapt.  Virgina Beach, VA
Nov 14 Church of God South Hill, VA
After which I hope we move into our new home – Nov 10th will mark 1 and 1/2 years on the road with over 29,000 miles.
Mid Jan will see us back in FL again with a weekend family camp. Please pray for our continued safety and contentment as we wait on God’s timing. Although we have looked at a few houses, we still do not have peace about where God would have us relocate. 

Summer 2012 – exerts from emailed updates

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May 25th,
We are now slowly working our way back east, and presently in Albuquerque, NM. This Sunday morning will be sharing then heading on to Oklahoma City.  Brian’s dad is doing pretty well, he sure is looking forward to our visit. I’m not sure how long we will be in OK before heading to KY for family camp in July. Once again our itinerary is empty (between Sunday and camp) but I know God has it planned. God has crossed our path with several interesting people whom we have been able to share with. One was an atheist at a campground in CA. We had over an hour long talk, which he initiated and kept going. His main thing was not being able to believe in a God who has always existed. He thinks the idea of God was just invented by man, but now man has come to see he has no need of God – science has shown He does not exist.  Another man we met was a geologist at a rock shop. He showed us some great petrified wood that had been drilled into by clams! I left him with one of our DVDs and he said he would watch it.  While back in CA we shared at 2 schools which want us to come back in Nov! So fall is filling up.
On the home front – we came down on our price and our buyers have agreed to buy – so we are in the paper work, appraisal…. stage and hope to close by mid June. Then we will be ready to see where God wants to relocate our family. It will be so nice to just travel part time. We are wrapping up our school year. All things considered it has gone pretty good. Along with their other work, the older 4 have written essays and journals of the whole year.  Jonny and Hannah have focused on math and reading.
A week ago we had our first accident – Bekah was running barefoot and slit her toe on a brick. A quarter size flap of skin had to be cut off in order to clean all the dirt and gravel out.  I was so thankful our friends knew a nurse who was willing to help us, Bekah was a real trooper through it all and it is healing well.
I’ve added some Hawaii pics to our web site. Hopefully I’ll work on it some more in OK.
June 9th,
As I think back over this year on the road I am amazed at how well God has taken care of us, He has truly held our hand (Isaiah 42:5-7). Thank you so much for your prayers and words of encouragement.
We enjoyed 2 months of no storms, then ironically the moment we cross out of NM and into OK, there in the distance were lightening filled storm clouds!! While we stayed the night in a Walmart parking lot, OKC was getting blasted by baseball size hail! I am so glad we had stayed an extra day in Albuquerque and arrived the day after the storm! We’ve had a few more storms since we’ve been here – but nothing like the one we missed!
Last Sunday we did not have anything lined up, and it ended up being a good thing. James and Hannah both had a stomach bug Saturday night and were up all night. Hopefully everyone will be fine tonight, for tomorrow we will be sharing at Bible Baptist Church in El Reno for both Sunday school and children's church.  We've had a few good meetings with pastors which will hopefully open future doors.  We have been working on our web site again, and have added some youtube videos. under the video tab "more videos". The lighting is not very good in some, but the sound is OK.  I'll add more video of Hawaii and Grand Canyon soon.
Brian's dad has been doing alright.  We helped him with a estate sell yesterday and today, and have had some good visit time.

Next week we should be closing on our house. It has been a long process, but considering GA's economy it is a answer to prayer that it has even sold.
June 18th,
We pull out from OK this morning, so this is just a quick update. The Lord has really blessed our stay in OK. After 2 weeks with Brian’s dad, we relocated to the parking lot of Bible Baptist Church about 30 min away. The pastor there is into graphic design, so we now have new prayer cards, new DVD cover, ministry logo, and 100 more copies of our DVD!!!! (We ran out last Sunday of DVDs) Also we have worked more on our web site, and added more video. (so you can see some Grand Canyon, and Hawaii video.)

The kids have loved having a gym to play in and more kids to play with. We have had no more storms! And to top it all off, our house closed on Friday, (so we are now officially “homeless”, but have money in the bank and can seriously think about relocating. Please pray that we will follow God’s lead and not move ahead of His timing. (We are all ready to be out of our cramped camper.)

June 25th,
We have not had one drop of rain since my last email about storms! Now I have another worry – brake failure – I’ll put that hair raising video on soon. We so appreciate all of you who faithfully pray for our safety. The kids say that since I only email when things are going well, you do not get a true picture of life on the road. So, here is a more realistic view:
Jonny – Get 4 of your biggest friends and go live in a walk-in-closet for 8 months.
Hannah – I miss my doggy
Josiah – I never feel like I belong anywhere, I’m always the outsider
Jerry – I have no place to put my stuff
Bekah – Every time I make a friend – I have to say goodbye
James – I’m always surrounded by little people – I have no space.
Brian – I’m tired of driving, This wind is so strong today, How far is the nearest gas station?
Mom – Hannah is outgrowing her clothes, I wish I had my sewing machine. When is the next place with a washer and dryer. I am so ready to just pull out a drawer instead of hauling up the suitcase every day.
We are all getting a little road weary, But God is faithful. and really no one does too much complaining. In fact for the most part – life has been going better then one would expect with 8 in a camper.

We had a great week of family camp at camp Nathaniel. I had over 6 hours of teaching time with about 40 kids. Did we ever get to cover a lot!! After Camp Nathaniel we spent a few days at Camp Cedine in southeast Tenn. (God kept us safe though quite a storm as we drove to camp.) Brian was asked to be the Bible teacher for the family conference Aug 6-11th at Cedine.

Aug 9th,  We are in the middle of family camp in Tenn. Brian has been the Bible teacher and does 2 lessons each day. It is going very well. Last week we attended a creation conference at Ridgecrest in NC. That was a great time of learning – This weekend we will pass through GA on our way to FL. I was really hoping to be relocated before the end of summer – but God’s timetable does not always line up with ours – we pray for patience.

Aug 28th
Things have been really busy. We are back in Fl and have shared both Sunday nights and a Sunday school class of teen boys last week. Sept 16th is our last meeting here and the 23rd is scheduled for SC. We’ve completed our first week of school – the first one was very hard. But, these last 2 days have gone very well.
Every home we have lived in, I have painted a mural. Well, now the camper has been officially marked as “home” I have painted a mural of the grand canyon on the back. It was hard to do, at times I thought I had ruined our camper, but it turned out pretty good and only took 2 days. Now we will do some advertising lettering and have a traveling billboard.

Touring Hawaii

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Learning to Swim in Hawaii

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While swimming in a lava tube cave, Jeremiah looked up at me and said,” It is so easy to swim now, I do not see how it was so hard before”. Just last May he had to dog-paddle hard to keep his head above water.  He could not make it haft way across the pool. But now that he learned to trust the water to hold him up, with just the slightest movement he can stay afloat. And so it is with our walk of faith.  When we started out last May, I was “dog-paddling hard” not quite trusting God to hold us up. I wanted to see that full itinerary and know where we were headed next.  But now I know God will hold us up, I can truly rest in Him – and it feels so good.
There have been many times looking ahead our itinerary would be empty.  Sometimes we would even stay in one spot waiting for the next door to open.  Then open it would.  Looking back our itinerary has always been full opportunities to share and full of surprises.  Not only has every need has been met, but so many extra blessings have been added along the way.  

2011 The year in Review

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2011 The Year in Review

During 2009 & 10, we shared our creation ministry full time with several loop trips coming home for a month in between each.  Well, that got expensive keeping up with the home front bills and the road expenses, so we decided to put our home on the market and spend this year on the road.  Instead of selling our home, we are renting it for the year to a family who is planning on buying it in May.  So we did one final St Patrick party in our back yard, one more Easter sunrise hike at Red Top, painted, packed and emptied our house (with a lot of great help from friends at church), said good bye to our home, friends, and neighbors – then hit the road.  Needless to say, it was a bitter/sweet day. This summer we hope to relocate somewhere in the country.  Life on the road has been like a rollercoaster ride (including the hour wait in line and a 6 flight climb of stairs.) We’ve had lessons in endurance, patience, contentment, longsuffering yet, have also met some wonderful people, seen some awesome scenery, and had some exciting fun(canoeing, hiking, dino dig) We have seen God provide for our needs, give moments of refreshment, and open many doors of opportunity to share. I could tell at least 5 stories for every word or phrase in that last sentence! As part of school the kids have been journaling our trip, maybe someday we will compile a book.  Until then, James and I have figured out how to update our web site and next go around we will try to keep this blog updated.  All in all, since May 10th, we covered 25 states, drove 12,700 miles, bought over 1000 gal of gas, shared at 22 churches, 4 schools, and 5 weeks of summer camp, visited an unknown number of museums, historical sites and battlefields. We’ve experienced a bit of vehicle trouble this year, ball bearings, differential, camper wheels and converter… but each time it was caught and fixed; we were never left stranded. Hannah has grown so much this year.  She learned to ride a bike, read, sing a solo, and not be afraid of horses, canoes, or water! Jonny had a blast at kid’s camp – 2 weeks of being in a cabin of little boys.  He gained a new skill while at camp – wood burning. Jeremiah continues to be our out going one, making friends wherever we go.  He went from barely able to dog paddle to doing back flips into the deep end! Josiah has become a “Lord of the Rings” fan and is working his way through the third book. He is doing business math this year and keeping track of receipts.  He looks the part, carrying all his stuff in a lockable briefcase, which he brought everywhere even to his cabin. Rebekah has become my main helper. She is learning patience as she listens to Hannah’s daily reading. She continues her artwork, photography and music, but sure misses having weekly lessons.  She so enjoyed being a camp counselor and staff member. James has been Brian’s right hand man, my personal computer specialist, and missed only 3 on his 40 question driver’s test!! His favorite pastime is now driving, working on the computer,and playing airsoft with his brothers.  He did great as a camp counselor and is a big help now with Jonny. I guess that about sums it up! Except to say, Thank you for your prayers – they are so needed and felt.