Learning to Swim in Hawaii

Jun 5, 2012   //   by carla estell   //   News  //  No Comments
While swimming in a lava tube cave, Jeremiah looked up at me and said,” It is so easy to swim now, I do not see how it was so hard before”. Just last May he had to dog-paddle hard to keep his head above water.  He could not make it haft way across the pool. But now that he learned to trust the water to hold him up, with just the slightest movement he can stay afloat. And so it is with our walk of faith.  When we started out last May, I was “dog-paddling hard” not quite trusting God to hold us up. I wanted to see that full itinerary and know where we were headed next.  But now I know God will hold us up, I can truly rest in Him – and it feels so good.
There have been many times looking ahead our itinerary would be empty.  Sometimes we would even stay in one spot waiting for the next door to open.  Then open it would.  Looking back our itinerary has always been full opportunities to share and full of surprises.  Not only has every need has been met, but so many extra blessings have been added along the way.  

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