Seminar descriptions with Fliers and Bios

Brian and Carla Estell are both graduates of Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. They have been involved in Christian education since 1988 both in the home and classroom setting. In 1998 they began a part-time creation ministry called “The Stones’ True Story” which focuses on the truth of God’s Word, especially in the area of the Creation Week and the World Wide Flood. Brian continued teaching for a total of 17 years before going full-time with the creation ministry in 2009. For the next seven years they and their six “van schooled” children/teens traveled through 48 states visiting many geological sites, collecting fossils and sharing at camps, schools and churches. In 2016 they relocated to Illinois where Brian now works full time for Samaritan Ministries while Carla continues to homeschool and tutor. They are available for local seminars and part time travels.

This is one of our original programs. We have shared it from coast to coast at camps, schools, summer programs, churches… Whether there were 600 kids sitting on bleachers in a gym or 5 in children’s church, kids aren’t just entertained, they learn – a lot. It is a fast paced kids program that starts with the days of Creation, the Fall,and the Cross, then changes focus by covering the Flood and fossils and dinosaurs. If there is time we discuss ancient man as well.

This one is designed for adults and teens, but keeps the interest of kids too. It is a fast paced program that covers everything from biology to geology to archeology. Our companion seminar, Search for Truth, is more seeker friendly as it lays out the two perspectives – secular and Biblical – and compares them to what we see in nature.

Mt St Helens: The Key to Solving Earth’s Mysteries

–in depth look at Mount St Helens

Brian and Carla Estell have made four cross country road trips to explore Mount St Helens. Their last trip included a rim hike into the canyon area lead by Dr Steve Austin.  On each trip they were able to explore a new area and gain a new perspective of the volcano. This presentation will explain in depth the geological effects of the earthquake, landslide (debris avalanche), giant water wave, steam explosion, mudflows, pyroclastic flows, air-fall tephra which happened on May 1980, and then will go on to look at the canyon carving mudflow of 1982.

Mt St Helens: The Key to Solving
Earth’s Mysteries part two– Comparison of debris avalanche and mudflow to glacier topography

After briefly looking at the well-known aspects of Mount St Helens this presentation then focuses on the similarities of mudflow and glacier topography by comparing Mount St Helens to Wisconsin and introducing the idea of a Canadian Shield mudflow.

This is a family friendly presentation which focuses on petrified wood along with dinosaur, fish, and sea invertebrate fossils. It is a fascinating look into fossil formation and location, showing how fossils are evidences of the Global Flood.

The Reliability of the Bible – Trust it, Heed it, Read it with Brian Estell

While looking at archaeology, paleontology, prophecy, and history we will see the reliability of Scripture and be reminded of our need to daily read it and apply its principles to our lives. We will examine the Dead Sea Scrolls, Ebla Tablets, fossils, the fall of Babylon, the destruction of Tyre, and a warning to America.  Although the material is suitable for preteens and up, I will be especially addressing fathers by encouraging them to incorporate the Bible into their family’s daily routine and to lead by example.

Our Greatest Earthly Treasure with Carla Estell

This seminar is just for moms.  I’ll be sharing some personal experiences and showing how clinging to God’s promises makes all the difference.  This workshop is designed to encourage your heart and renew your commitment to God and your family as you learn to live life in God’s strength come what may.  There will be some fun stories of homeschool, travel adventures, God’s provision and protection. There will be some hard stories of child protection services, learning disabilities, and teen rebellion.  We will see how both though the valleys and the mountains, God’s Word truly is a light to our path.

Creation Celebration

This is an unforgettable learning experience for the whole family! Up to 3 hours of creation centered family fun. It including an one hour engaging lesson, Creation to the Cross, followed by 1- 2 hours of learning by doing with 5- 10 theme based craft & game booths and a hands on traveling museum with real fossils. We bring the stage set, game booths, and craft supplies.

The church or group needs to supply:

  • 10  6-8 ft tables, prizes, water bottles – one per child,
  • 10 teen or adult helpers  for game and craft booths
  •  Few helpers for the 2 hour set up and 1 hour dismantle

Optional -a small swimming pool with 2 bags of play or beach sand for a fossil dig and any food you want to offer. Some churches rent 1-2 bounce houses or slides for added fun!

This program is designed for adults and teens. We recommend that kids are not in the audience. (I will gladly do a kids program while Brian does this one.) When man does not want to retain God in his thoughts, God gives him over to a reprobate mind and he becomes extremely evil. This program looks at the historical consequences that the philosophy of evolution has brought to society.

This flier was designed for a church in Chatsworth for their creation Sunday. It is shown only as an example of what a full morning could look like. I do have dinosaur bone chips that can be given to whoever brings the most visitors.

Our six children are now grown. This is a flier from our days on the road. Brian and I started this ministry when our oldest was just a toddler. As the children grew they were given parts in the program. Now it is back to just Brian and I. We do have a few DVDs of the programs with the children singing.