Seminar Topics

The Estell Family shares the gospel of Christ through the medium of creation in a variety of ways –

“Creation to the Cross” 

Our basic children’s program covers the Creation week, Fall, Flood, Fossils, Dinosaurs, Tower of Babel, Ice age, Cavemen, Nations, and Redemption through Christ. Using picture packed PowerPoint, hand motions, and songs, it  can be presented in a fast paced 45 minute message, in a detailed (yet still engaging) 60 minute seminar, or as a complete VBS package.

“Myth Busters”

Explores  popular evolutionary myths like, dinosaurs evolving into birds, geological features requiring millions of years to form, the fossils record containing the proof of evolution and many more.  The gospel is clearly presented and evolution is logically and scientifically busted.  Whether it is the fast paced chapel message or the information packed 4 secession program, minds will be enlightened and doubts will be put to rest.

“The Stones’ True Story”

Our family friendly, hour long presentation,  begins with the sermon “ Who is God?” and ends with a picture packed, PowerPoint, science lesson explaining petrified wood, coal, fossils, canyons, and climaxes with Mt. St. Helens. Songs, poems, and speeches are dispersed throughout.  There is also an expanded program suitable for a weekend conference or week long revival.

“Believe the Bible, the Holy Word of God”

Another hour long family friendly presentation that focuses more on archaeology and Bible prophesy but then ends with scientific evidences of the world wide flood and creation.


“The Destruction of Evolution”

Showing both the dangerous consequences evolutionary ideas have had on society, and ways to safe guard the minds of children from evolutionary indoctrination, this presentation is geared to the adult audience.

We also offer Dino parties, complete with songs, games, and dino prizes.