Simplified, Illustrated, Flood Model

There are several Flood models which try to explain the mechanism of the Flood and the processes by which the geological world we see today was formed. This model serves a different purpose. It focuses on the power of God as He governs nature and nature’s laws. It attempts, as in the words of Johann Kepler, “to think God’s thoughts after him”. Just as it can not be explained in terms of natural laws how water became wine, or how bread and fish were multiplied, nor can the mechanics of the Flood be explained by natural forces. In both Genesis 6:17and 7:4 God proclaimed that He was going to flood the world. The details of the Flood are told throughout chapters 7 and 8, and then in Genesis 9:15 God promises to never do it again. Therefore, the focus of this model is on what it might have looked like as God flooded the world and what geological features were left in its wake.

The pre-flood world was destroyed – II Peter 3:6 “Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished…” All that can be known about the pre-flood world must be derived from a few references in Scripture, anything else is speculation.

Genesis 1:9 states that God gathered the waters under heaven into one place. This seems to indicate there was more land than sea. If there was more land than sea, then there would have been room for plenty of plant life so that one generation could become today’s coal. There is no way of knowing the size or shape of the sea, but nor is there any reason to assume the same land:sea ratio existed pre-flood as exists today.

Genesis 2:5-6 and Hebrews 11:7 seems to indicate a different water cycle. Instead of rain, there was a mist from the ground and rivers which watered the land.

Genesis 2:10 describes a river dividing into four which watered the whole land. This could be the pattern by which the whole earth was watered. If so, then it can be assumed that there were large water reservoirs deep within the high hills and mountains from which large rivers sprang.

Dr. Henry Morris purposed a subterranean water cycle. He also gave excellent support to the idea of a water canopy. Genesis 1:6-7 describe the second day of the Creation Week when God made a firmament to separate the waters below from the waters above. It was like God inserted a bubble of air into the water which then encased the earth.

Genesis 2:11-12 states that there was gold, bdellium and onyzx stone in the land of Havilah. Genesis 4:22 mentions brass and iron. Revelation 21:19-20 describes the foundation of the new Jerusalem with its 12 layers of precious stones. Perhaps the pre-flood world’s foundation was also layers of precious stones with hills of gold, silver, copper, and iron. Only God knows, for it was totally destroyed.

Genesis 7:11-12 states that in the same day, all the fountains of the deep were broken up, the windows of heaven were opened and it rained for 40 days and 40 nights.

God caused the Flood by opening the windows of heaven, breaking the fountains of the deep, and making rain.  Perhaps every mountain, every high hill became like a volcano, not spewing lava, but water.

The land before the Flood was totally destroyed- crushed into boulders and pulverized into sand, mud, and silt. It seems as if earth’s very foundation had been pulverized by the exploding fountains and then further eroded by the rushing water. The creation week rock was pulverized down to the level where we find granite today.

It seems as if the spinning earth, encased by the mud filled flood waters, was like a rock in a rock tumbler.  The longer a rock tumbles in the gritty water, the smaller yet smoother it becomes.  Likewise the earth’s surface was ground smooth as the amount of sediment grew.  Once the sediment load was too heavy to be carried, the layers began to quickly accumulate. The land had been pulverized into sediment which then was laid in blankets around the globe – like a jaw breaker’s flavored layers.

All over the earth a boulder filled sedimentary rock layer is found covering granite. This layer is topped by rippled quartzite. No fossils are found in these layers, nor should there be. For if the granite was pulverized into sand, any organic material would have been pulverized too.

The water from the fountains of the deep became extremely salty as it pulverized the creation week rock  and dissolved  the minerals.  The windows of heaven supplied fresh water which floated upon the salty allowing for the preservation of oceanic life.

In 40 days the world was totally flooded. Genesis 7:17 emphasizes the 40 days for the third time and then 8:2 states that the rain was restrained.  Verses 7: 17-23 give progressive details which happened during the 40 days of rain. The earth was then a global sea, where only sea life survived and thrived.

Sometime after the 40 days God broke earth’s remaining granite foundation into plates.  This initial tectonic activity released lava flows into the faults. Due to the faulting plates, the earth again had an uneven topography which was again eroded smooth.

Five month’s into the Flood, on day 150, the ark landed in the Mountains of Ararat. But it was still another 70 days before mountain tops were seen. Major tectonics were happening as God raised mountains, released volcanoes and lowered ocean basins. The energy of which was absorbed by earth’s blanket of water.

As the mountains pushed through the layers of sediment, the sediment became avalanches which rushed into the valleys and basins adding local layers on top of the continent blanketing layers. The mountain ranges then held the majority of the sediment in place as the flood waters retreated into the sea. 

Psalms 104 Speaks poetically of God raising the land and lowering the sea so that the waters drained off the land and is now refrained by the sand and God’s sovereign  hand  never to return again. This may have also been when the earth was tilted to its present 23 degrees creating winter and causing the wind referenced in Genesis 8:1

As God set into motion the tectonics which caused the flood waters to drain into the sea, He simultaneously designed the world to be the stage upon which History would be played. Broken jagged plates were raised miles high forming mountain ranges. These mountain ranges form natural boundaries for nations and collect snow for summer’s water supply. Large plates were push down to form ocean basins. Oceans separate continents and regulate earth’s cooling system. Rivers carry water back to the sea, provide boundaries for nations and supply a means of transportation. Even the death and decay was turned into coal, oil and soil.

When all was said and done, God promised he would never flood the world again. He also promised that while the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter will not cease.