About The Estells

Brian and Carla Estell met while attending Liberty University.  They were married Jan 11, 1987. In May 1987 Carla graduated magna cum laud with a interdisciplinary B.S. in Psychology, counseling, and biology.  The following year Brian graduated with a interdisciplinary B.S in History, counseling and youth.

They have always shared a love for God and a heart for children. Together they have worked as houseparents at a girl’s home and team taught at various Christian schools. Carla taught math and science for 6 years until the birth of their first  son, James.

Brian has taught Bible and History for a total of 17 years, and substituted for three years in the public school system.  In 1992 they took a teaching sabbatical and traveled extensively across the USA, visiting many National Parks including:  Badlands, SD;   Yellowstone, WY;  MT. Rainier and Mt. ST Helens, WA; Zion, UT;  Grand Canyon, AZ;  Fossil Butte, WY;  Dinosaur National Monument, Co;  and several petrified forests.

While visiting the various geological sites, they became painfully aware of how Evolution has saturated the National Parks and museums throughout the country.  God has been robbed of His due glory for his handiwork.  The creation is being worshipped while the Creator is ignored. Romans I warns of the dangerous consequences this will have on our society. Consequences we see so strongly in America to day.

In 1998 they began a creation ministry, The Stones True Story, which tells the story of fossils in the context of the world wide flood and uses the wonders of creation to turn hearts to God, the Creator of all things, the Righteous Judge, and the Everlasting King. For 9 years Brian taught at Cherokee Christian School, while they continued to share the creation message during the summers. Then in 2009 they launched fulltime as a family ministry spreading the creation message.  In the years that followed they have traveled coast to coast sharing in over 50 churches, schools, and camps across America.  Their 6 homeschooled children played an active roll singing original creation songs, quoting scientist both past and present, and reciting poems.  Children are kept engaged with hands on fossils, fun songs, and informative, picture filled power point presentations.  Not only do they specialize in teaching children the truth about the 6 days of creation, the flood, dinosaurs, and cave men; the Estells also present  family friendly power point presentation that are geared towards adults but keep children engaged.

2011, Jonathan, Hannah, and Jeremiah quoting
‘And God Said’
Everyone singing ‘The Rewriting of Paradise’
Jonny and Bekah singing 2014
Jonny and Bekah singing
“The Rocks Speak Out”

We bring over 20 feet of displays, fossils and models

For six years we shared the gospel full-time as a family. Crisscrossing the country in our van and camper while sharing at schools, camps and churches. Time has passed and the children are now grown living lives of their own. Brian now works fulltime for Samaritian Ministries International, but we are able to continue the ministry on a part-time bases. There are no more songs or poems, except for the kid’s seminars, but the message is still the same. God the Creator became the Lamb our Savior.

Mount St Helens 2021 with Dr. Steve Austin