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Home School Convention Lancing, MI

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We have settled back into our home routine.  School is rapping up for the year; it is so good to see the light at the end of another year completed. Bekah and Hannah spent 2 weeks in south Michigan with my brother (Bekah watched his 3 girls while he was at work and his wife, Lisa, went to Georgia for a week of treatments at a headache clinic) We praise God that Lisa was able to get the help she needed and the 5 cousins had a wonderful 2 weeks together.
James was hired at a local manufacturing plant. He actually had 4 other job offers! This night job Monday-Thursday has lots of variety and there are many new skills that he will be learning.Please pray that he will be a witness and have a godly testimony.
We are about ready for the homeschool convention (May 14-16) It will be a very busy weekend.  We will share our “Myth Buster” program Friday night and our “Creation to the Cross” program Saturday morning. We will also be running both the educational and creation booths. We pray we will make many contacts and even line up local seminars for this summer and fall.Added to the weekend Jeremiah will have his 14th birthday on the 15th and Josiah will turn 16 on the 19th.
June 6th will be Bekah’s big day. We will have her graduation ceremony at Cornerstone Bapt.Please pray for her as she finishes school and makes plans for next year.

summer 2015, Bekah’s Graduation and Seminar Loop

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Bekah’s graduation went very well.It was a day she will always remember.

Rebekah Jean Estell 2015 Graduate

The reception hall was beautiful, all the songs, verses, and speeches went well. We had a wonderful visit with family most of whom stayed a week and were here to also see Hannah and Jeremiah’s baptism.  Jame’s summer factory job went very well. He gave his 2 week notice in order to come on the summer loop with us, and they said “When you get back give us a call.” They wanted him back even if only for 3 weeks before leaving again for college.

We had a wonderful week of family camp in Kentucky. I had 40-50 children for 6 hours of teaching and 3 hours of crafts!! Thankfully the heat wave broke and we had cooler weather. Sunday we shared during the 9:30 Sunday school hour at Grace Community Church in Marietta.
It was so good to see so many friends while we were on our 3 week loop. It was a good trip, but it was filled with some mighty hard goodbyes.Our seminar at Grace went very well, thank you all so much for your prayers. We are now safely back at home and hope to stay in Michigan and the surrounding states from now till December. (except for a quick trip to take James and Bekah to college in West Virginia)
This year holds many changes with James and Bekah at College.  We will still carry on with the creation seminars – we will just stay local.I am hoping one of our local things will be putting together a creation based nature center or creation room at a school, church or camp. I am so wanting to paint murals and make more ark models,build a larger Mt St Helens model…Our storage room is full of cool fossils just waiting to be put on display…  I thought by now we would be settled on our own land building a nature center…. but all in God’s timing.  (sidenote- as many of you all know, Brian and I had to wait 8 years before God blessed us with children. There was many a day I thought I would never get to be a Mom. Now I’m glad we had to wait so long- or most of them would all be grown now!

August 11, 2015 Fall News

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Greetings from the Estell Family,

We hope you all are having a blessed summer, ours has gone way too fast. James and Bekah are ordering books and packing for college. We leave Saturday morning. As we take this leap of faith, I have been reminded of when we left our home in Georgia (5 years ago) with only a few churches in Florida and 2 weeks of camp in Utah on our itinerary. But, God was faithful to fill our schedule as we traveled.  Looking back the schedule not only stayed full but every need was met. God even threw in a surprise vacation beyond our wildest dreams – 2 weeks in Hawaii !! Yes, our whole lives has been learning to walk by faith, trusting God to hold our hand, supply our needs, and show the way. Some days I do OK, then there are those in which I frantically dog-paddle.  (If you want to read the details of the journey, just keep scrolling on our blog )
We have a few other things going on, which if you think of it, we would appreciate your prayers:
We will be reassigning parts in the seminars now that Bekah and James will be at college
We are starting the process of joining Continental Baptist Mission – mainly they build and plant churches, we will plant creation museums at churches, camps, schools…
And of course school will start back first of Sept.  It will be different only having 4 to teach this year.
Aug 16 Sunday First Baptist Church of Calumet, MI (Sunday School, AM service)
Aug 15-21 Family camp at Gitche Gumee Bible Camp Eagle River, MI (missionary speaker)
Aug 32 Sunday Flat Branch Bapt. Church Arnett, WV (evening service)
Things are beginning to line up for the fall, here is what we have going so far:
Sept 28 Monday Homeschool seminar, creation and educational – math and reading – Lapeer, MI
Oct 11 Sunday Lake Bapt.