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Beginning Math Skills

Is your child struggling with beginning math skills?  Since 2 of my 6 children are dyslexic, and being dyslexic myself, I well understand the frustration. But with God’s help (James 1:5) I learned to overcome, and went on to graduate Magna Cum Laud from Liberty University. Now, with 16 years of teaching experience (both classroom and home school), I want to help you help your child to succeed. Why spend $ 20 -30 an hour for a tutor when with these methods you can learn to tutor your own child. And together you can learn to enjoy math. For More information, contact us by emailing


The Art Of Reading  – Help for the Struggling student  

In the pages of this book you will discover many ways to help your child excel in reading.  From kindergarten to 5th grade, from letter sounds to spelling rules and sentence diagramming, this is the “how to” book.









The Day the Letters Had their Say

Sometimes the rules of phonics are not only complex, but also unreasonable, making it even harder to remember.  Why does cry end in a y and not an i?  Why does day end in y and not just an a?  Find out as you join Judge Webster and the letters in court.  Listen in as they learn to work together resolving conflict and helping one another.  Along the way your child will learn most of the phonics rules.  Not only are the simplified rules easy to remember, they are coupled to a reason your child wont soon forget.   Have fun reading aloud to your child and together you’ll discover the “why” behind the rules and many other helpful learning tips.