for you, one for the review panel and one for the assessor,

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By now you have received your home/business property assessment in the mail.Of course, it was assessed higher than it was last year. If you like most people you chuckle about how much your house is worth, secure in cheap moncler the warm glow of a growing investment.So, why fight your property assessment? Very simple, taxes!Your property taxes are calculated on your property assessed value.Bureaucrats, realtors, assessors, and people who think they are being helpful are always cheap moncler jackets quick to remind us that a higher assessment doesn necessarily mean higher taxes, since it depends on the city mill rate, which is supposed to be be set for a fixed value to reach a total the city foresees to be the year operating budget.The mill rate is the city agreed on rate of taxation per dollar of assessed value. The term is one tenth of a cent If the mill rate goes up and your assessment from last year stays the same, your taxes moncler outlet jackets go up. If the mill rate stays the moncler factory outlet same and your assessment goes up, your taxes go up.If the city is prudent and realizes that property values have gone up like crazy, they will lower their mill rate so they only take what they need for their budget. If a city is lazy or shrewd, they will leave the mill rate the same as last year and crow about how they haven raised tax rates, even though they are actually taking more money than last year.Of course, moncler sale if a city miscalculates wink, nudge nudge they end up with a budget surplus, which is great for sending our beloved elected politicians on junkets moncler jacket sale to far away lands with their spouse and kids in the name of twinning, marketing the community, meeting other municipal governments, conventions, etc.Getting your property assessment lowered will ALWAYS mean you pay lower taxes than you otherwise would, and will prevent you from being overtaxed. You will never, ever be moncler sale outlet under taxed. Government will not tell you if you paying too much tax and will never correct a mistake in assessment without you initiating.Don worry about affecting the resale value of your property by fighting your assessment. Your assessment has absolutely nothing to do with the sale price of your house, it essentially a guess at what your property is worth, and I do mean a guess. They basing your property worth on what other properties sold for at assessment time.It is very unlikely the city of Terrace will lower its mill rate. The largest source of employment in the area is the public sector. There is a second sheet of ice to pay for, an empty co op building moncler jackets outlet loan to pay, and a bad loan for TLC to absorb. You can be sure the city is going to stick it in and break it off. As industry packs up and leaves, their tax base decreases, which conversely also explains why Terrace is so eager to amalgamate with Thornhill.In my opinion, property in Terrace has a housing bubble, largely fueled by speculation. Terracites think the area is going to take off because of the port in Prince Rupert. Look at it this way, Hope is 150Km from the Vancouver port. Terrace is 147Km from the Prince Rupert port. Is Hope booming from its proximity to Vancouver? Will we thrive by being a pit stop on cheap moncler outlet the way to Prince Rupert?Although family home construction is up in the area, Coast Mountains School District is looking at closing 7 schools by 2012, due to a projected student reduction of over 1000 pupils. Keep in mind these projections are from our educators, the smartest people in town and those with the most to lose by dropping enrollment.Where are the families going to come from to fill these homes? Mining is completely speculative, as a global credit crunch puts the brakes on the commodities market.If everyone fought to get their assessment lowered, it would keep property closer to it real value and force municipalities to tax fairly instead of taking advantage of speculation.It a lot easier for the city to justify charging $3000 in taxes on a house that assessed at $300,000 than it is to justify charging $3000 in taxes on a house assessed at $150,000.So, how do you fight BC Assessment? First of all, find homes on your street or a similar neighbourhood which are similar to your own and compare their assessed value with yours. Things to consider are the age and square footage. Look for properties which are obviously better than yours and are assessed less. You want to find the houses similar to yours which sold close to July 1, for less money than what your house is assessed at.It is important to note that members of the public are limited to receiving information on only 8 properties online this year. After that, a fee is charged. This is a new development; I leave you to draw your own conclusions on why this was done.If you happened to have bought your house last year around moncler outlet assessment time and received a big jump in assessment, you can make the point that the true market value of your home is what you actually paid for your home.Next, contact BC Assessment and ask to speak with your area assessor. Explain why you think you were over assessed based on comparable properties you looked up online, and ask them for an adjustment. 99% of the time the assessor will not budge, and your only recourse will be to go before a review panel. Time is of the essence here, since you only have until January 31 to submit your complaint for review!If it goes before a review panel, you absolutely must do your homework beforehand.Contact realtors and ask for information on houses comparable to your own which sold over the last year for less than your home was assessed. Since realtors have access to the Multiple Listing Service and you don they will give you some concrete cheap moncler jackets sale data to prove your case.Make notes of things which make these homes Moncler Outlet better than yours.Feel free to take photographs of comparable properties which were assessed lower than your own to bring to the hearing, in triplicate. for you, one for the review panel and one for the assessor, who will be moncler outlet sale at the hearing Make sure to note things which make these properties obviously worth more than your own.Do not try and sway the review panel by talking about the employment situation in town, business leaving, people moving away, etc. This has no bearing on your assessment and will waste everyone time. All that matters is being able to prove your home was assessed higher than the actual selling price of a comparable property.The review panels are normally decent people, and will lower your assessment if you can prove you were over assessed. The savings in taxes will always be worth it.Everyone should challenge BC Assessment, because moncler outlet online they are not working for you. It exists for taxation purposes only, and this is one of the very few areas where you can change the outcome of your taxes, and best of all, there is no monetary cost to you. For a few hours work you can literally save hundreds of dollars in taxes. Why not make the tax man work for his pound of flesh.

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