Establish awareness in policeperson that to be without any

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‘s Theory 47;is a “Tongue in cheek” article, intended as much for entertainment as to seriously address any social issue or events. It is intended only to provoke thought, not to persuade. you like to create the perfectly hostile, cynical, apathetic and possibly crooked cop? Here’s the recipe;1 One kid fresh from collage who cheap moncler coats has been inspired by his father’s image of an RCMP from back in the days when children were moncler sale outlet told, “The policeman is your friend.”2 One Batman type utility belt with gun, pepper spray, extension wand, baton, hand cuffs, heavy metal encased flashlight, and a nifty radio.3 One crisp uniform to create the illusion of belonging to a tight knit para military brotherhood.4 cheap moncler jackets One bullet proof vest5 A couple of years of military mind shaping instruction in the sanctity of law, the glory of being the good guy, and moncler outlet store the rewards of a job well done. Mix the above ingredients together thoroughly. Create a work environment that threatens all creativity of thought and non conformity with ostracism. Force policeperson to spend 95% of time sitting in a vehicle or at a desk doing mind numbing paperwork that sucks the will to live. Make “successful policework” impossible by the following; Make certain that the slightest laps in protocol, political correctness, politeness, appearance, public image or social habits are immediately or without checking the facts beforehand vociferously and strenuously aired in the paper, on the radio, on TV and in the coffee shops and gathering places as far and wide as possible. Ensure moncler outlet jackets that the policeperson knows that the slightest oversight or misspelling or procedural make sure these are long and complicated cheap moncler jackets sale and filled with endless redundancy miscalculation will totally scrap not just hours, but weeks, even months and in some cases years of painstaking work. Allow minimal opportunity for the policeperson to function outside of hostile public scrutiny. Set up several layers of double standard law enforcement expectations that are diametrically opposed to all the theory that the policeperson learned in Academy. Establish awareness in policeperson that to be without any element of his/her heavy, hot, cumbersome gear will nullify any legal or financial protection by his/her employer. Establish awareness in policeperson that any moncler outlet use, or even just the displaying of moncler sale any of that equipment in any way that could be construed as threatening, and certainly any actual use of any of it, will be painstakingly reviewed with the intention of finding moncler outlet online inappropriateness of use, and will require hours of documentation and justification which requires the same strenuous perfection as moncler outlet sale all cheap moncler the Cheap Moncler Jackets other paperwork; done on time; on his/her own time if necessary. moncler factory outlet There must also be the awareness that any guilt found to stick to the moncler jackets outlet policeperson can have repercussions ranging from forced holidays to dishonorable dismissal, jail time, financial ruin, loss of family and life long public shame. Establish a social milieu in which every professional that the policeperson works “with” in his/her daily duties workers, lawyers, judges, reporters has a built in bias against policepersons in general and a hostile suspicion of the intentions and motives of every policeperson. Hold every policeperson personally responsible for the public image of the police force. Pay this policeperson an elaborate wage with amazingly considerate side benefits so that he/she quickly becomes accustomed to the lifestyle made possible, and fearful of ever loosing it.

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