Which, sure, it not like they were ever going to be like,

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I am well aware that Trump/Pence supporters everywhere and by everywhere I mean in the Facebook comments on this post will point out that this is a non story, and really just business as usual. Which, sure, it not like they were ever going to be like, “Shit, we kinda lost that one, didn we?” But still, it is sad and funny, just like everything else about this nightmare of an election. So there you go.

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Most people found a trip by car to a comfortable supermarket

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Instead canada goose outlet , we could try taking turns just listening to each other with an open mind, asking questions to understand where each other is coming from. Or, we could just agree to put politics aside and spend our time together [fill in preferred activities].”Arguing with facts and logic is worse than useless. The person you argue with has deep emotional reasons for his/her position, has established a worldview that shields that person from the perceived problem, and experiences contrary facts and logic as a very frightening threat.

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