These fuel holds are exposed on all these tankers at various

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You might have heard of me, I am the founder of cheap moncler coats the Terrace Daily News and website. I have met you Ms. Clark and have written you previously Mr. Harper. Ms. Redford I regret we have not had contact before. Today I must address all three of moncler outlet you together. I confess I have written quite harshly about each of you and feel I need to take this opportunity to explain why and encourage each of you to take an exceptional position, one which might boost your political moncler sale ratings and maybe ensure your future. I do this even though I have not supported any of you and will likely not support cheap moncler jackets you in the future, though if you consider the following even I might be swayed.

I write in regards to your collective moncler outlet sale interests in selling the petroleum products from Alberta through British Columbian ports.

moncler outlet store Only two actions need to be undertaken to potentially reverse the opposition and boost your ratings with the majority of the public in Canada and likely even internationally. Change the manner in which all tankers carry all refined and unrefined petroleum products and initiate a program to restore Northwest BC First Nations traditional governance. These two actions are intrinsically connected. moncler outlet store

The National Energy Board Enbridge Joint Review Panel has faced an almost unbroken wall of opposition from every NW First Nation. The Haida, Tsimshian, Haisla, Gitxsan, Wet’sewe’ten and the Nisga’a. Every one of these people has spoken about their way of life and the harvesting of their food that the tankers and pipeline will put at risk.

cheap moncler outlet The worry, of course, is the potential risk of a spill which many have stated is the “certainty” of a spill. The only variable is when and where. The reduction of this “risk” has an easy solution. Shipping the product by container, sealed at the production facilities, by rail to the port and onto container vessels much like the Cosco container vessels today. cheap moncler outlet

Many people use the argument that those who want to stop the pipeline and tankers are all against development and progress. This is not the case.

buy moncler jackets Just a few decades ago we put our fuel tanks oil and gasoline underground into bare dirt, which rotted the tanks leaving a spill. Today we ensure the tanks won’t rot and in many cases put them above ground, double skinned sealed with a vacuum and a gauge to ensure the inner vacuum remains secure. buy moncler jackets

moncler outlet online The same method should now be applied to tankers plying the ocean and to rail cars traversing and paralleling rivers. All these rail cars should be double skinned just like our above ground fuel tanks are today and stackable like containers today. All the shipping of bitumen should be via the same method, sealed in cars from the Tars/Oil Sands to China, no exposure to the elements, from the production facility to the destination. A vessel breaking up at sea would see floating containers moncler jacket sale not spilled oil. moncler outlet online

moncler sale outlet The cost of this modification from our current methods of transporting this product is easily recoverable and justifiable. moncler sale outlet

First, the oil consuming world was easily able to absorb the increase from $40/barrel to over $100/barrel. So were service stations that converted and repaired their underground cheap moncler outlet fuel storage facilities to meet the new environmental requirements in the 1990’s.

moncler sale Second, with sealed tank cars we would not have to import more condensate to thin out the product so it will flow in a pipe, nor would we need to heat the product so it will flow in the pipes, or in the case of the Enbridge Northern Gateway proposal, even build a pipeline. moncler sale

moncler outlet sale The rail tank containers could be shipped in return full moncler jackets outlet of condensate for the current pipelines in use or any other product still required in North America. moncler outlet sale

The cost of the to double skinned sealed rail tankers would easily be recovered by the savings to the spillage threat and insurance premiums, the now unnecessary ‘new’ pipelines, the savings in not purchasing more condensate, the potential cost of clean ups and the cost presently to the environment.

Another, maybe more significant environmental concern, is the manner in which ‘Bunker Fuel” in the ocean going freighters and tankers is managed today. The Rena, a container vessel which broke up on a reef near New Zealand is a good example as is the currently leaking BC Ferry, Queen of the North, now at the bottom near Gill Island. Canada could, with your combined leadership, initiate a change. The following could be made a requirement for all vessels entering our territorial waters.

Tankers/freighters/ships could be re fabricated to employ slots to hold rail car sized fuel tanks that could be easily extracted during a grounding or break up. Electrically engaged solenoid valves could immediately seal off these tanks during an emergency or impending disaster such that the recovery and security of the fuel would be maintained.

I wouldn’t expect you to be aware of the following though you might be.

cheap moncler jackets It is the “Keel Hold” of all ocean freighters that contains the raw, unprocessed bunker fuel. This is the tar like substance which spoils the beaches and seashores such as what happened in New Zealand with the MV Rena disaster. These fuel holds are exposed on all these tankers at various locations, generally at the bottom “Keel Hold” and are seldom double hulled as they are not considered crude oil ‘Tankers’. The quantity of the fuel though can be quite large. These vessels burn this thick heavy crude as soon as they are far enough away from shore the excessive pollution won’t be considered. The engines are designed to run on it. moncler sale outlet In harbour the vessel switches to lighter, cleaner burning fuels, however they hold massive quantities of the raw bunker crude as their main fuel supply. cheap moncler jackets

cheap moncler coats The implementation of these measures does not guarantee acceptance though you might discover significantly less resistance. cheap moncler coats

This is all I have to say on this first issue, the selling and transportation of the Alberta oil product, other than to state my personal preference is to have it all fully refined near to Fort Mac.

On the moncler outlet uk issues of First Nations Governance.

moncler mens jackets Mr. Prime Minister, you issued an apology on behalf of Canada for the historical treatment of the Indian peoples. What wasn’t provided with the apology was an action to Moncler Outlet assist in repairing the culture we admitted we harmed. When the children were forcibly taken and the “potlatch” was forbidden, we in effect destroyed the native elders’ ability to share their culture. To be sincere in our apology we must assist them in rebuilding/restoring their system of governance, their culture. moncler mens jackets

moncler outlet How this ties into and belongs within this discussion on the export of the Alberta product through BC is very important. Currently both levels of Government are struggling to address the First Nations concerns yet seem to be unable to find one single unified representative body to address these concerns with. This dilemma is due to the actions we apologized for. moncler outlet

The region of BC where the proposed Enbridge pipeline is to traverse, from Burns Lake to Douglas Channel, and the waters in which the vessels will sail, from Kitamaat past Haida Gwaii, all originally belong to a unique identifiable group. One could rightly call them all descendents of Damelahamid. Again these are the Haida, Tsimshian, Haisla, Gitxsan, Wet’sewe’ten, Nisga’a and include the Tahltan and the Tlingit.

Next week a group calling themselves the dancers of Damelahamid are performing at UBC of British moncler factory outlet Columbia Museum of Anthropology. These descendants of Damelahamid all share similar house groups. This is moncler outlet online what you may know of as Eagles, Ravens, Killer Whales, Wolves, Beavers among others, and the high Damelahamid House group, Fireweed.

Each of these house groups in each of the Nations has high ranking leaders called Sm’ooyget. It was with their “feasting” in their longhouses, which we called the “potlatch”, the government structure and culture flourished. It could be argued the banning of the potlatch caused more harm than the residential schools. The Hereditary, matrilineal system of governance survives today though just by a thread.

A proper, sincere and just response along with the apology would be to assist these nations to restore their system of governance.

cheap moncler sale Currently your governments are funding INAC and Northern Affairs Canada Band Councils and Treaty Societies but ignore the Traditional Hereditary Government, which we admitted with the apology, our Canadian system systematically destroyed. At the close of the Supreme Court cheap moncler jackets sale of Canada Appeal Court ruling on the BC Supreme Court trial; Delgamuukw v. 1010, it was clearly demonstrated the Hereditary system of governance still exists and is superior to the INAC Band Councils. To apologize and then fund Treaty Societies and Band Councils in opposition to the Sm’oogyet, and to ignore the culture and traditional governance we admitted we harmed is patently wrong. This is at the core of why all levels of government and industry find constant difficulty in negotiating and resolving conflicts cheap moncler sale.

According to MLive, staff at MMIEngineered Solutions called

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