By reducing pain and exhaustion these mats will pay for

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11 Best Salon Mats

moncler outlet sale Salon Mats are important because being a stylist means being on your feet moncler sale outlet constantly. It standing in one spot applying color and pacing in small circles to give your client the perfect blow out. moncler outlet sale

moncler outlet Even if you wearing the most ergonomic shoes possible, you going to be sore at the end of the day. The best thing to do when you have to be standing up all day is to change what you standing on and cheap moncler anti fatigue mats provide much needed cushion. moncler outlet

They anti fatigue mats because one huge buy moncler jackets problem with standing on a concrete floor for even an hour is that you can become exhausted while doing nothing. Your body becomes tired simply from standing still on hard ground, let alone if you have complicated tasks to perform at the same time.

Anti fatigue mats help your stylists keep up their energy throughout the work day. By reducing pain and exhaustion these mats will pay for themselves in recovered productivity.

moncler outlet online Joint health. Standing for long stretches has been linked to foot, joint, and lower back pain I not sure why they needed a study to learn that. moncler outlet online

moncler jackets outlet Salon mats reduce the impact on your joints as you stand and move leading to less immediate pain as well as long term wear and tear to your joints. moncler jackets outlet

moncler sale outlet Making sure your salon chairs allow cheap moncler jackets stylists to work at a healthy, ergonomic height is also key to preventing back pain. If you looking for chairs with a wide range of variability, see my guides to the Best Salon Chairs and Best Barber Chairs. moncler sale outlet

Cardiovascular health. The point of an anti fatigue mat isn just that your feet appreciate not standing on tile what the mat forces your body to do.

moncler sale When you standing still moncler outlet store for long periods, the muscles in your legs lock cheap moncler coats up. They constrict so tightly that it narrows the veins in your legs to the point that your heart has to work harder to move blood around your body and increasing your risk for blood clots. moncler sale

However, when you stand on something softer, like an anti fatigue mat, the muscles in your feet, legs, and core engage with micro movements to keep you steady. It these micro movements that relieve some of the pain of standing for long periods of time, improve circulation, and are the reason you less tired at the end of the day.

Salon mats should be just squishy enough to wake up your leg muscles to keep your balance, but not so squishy that you ever notice that it happening.

cheap moncler jackets sale Worker productivity. When your stylists are tired or in physical pain, they aren performing at their best. They moving slower and having trouble concentrating which can lead to mistakes. Issues related to poor ergonomic posture on hard floors can lead to chronic and worsening back pain so you looking at increased sick leave as well. cheap moncler jackets sale

As a salon owner, what good for cheap moncler sale your employees health is good for you and quality anti fatigue mats have immediate, wide reaching benefits.

What to look for in an anti fatigue salon floor mat.

Shape and size. This is more important for a salon than for most other workplaces. Regular industrial anti fatigue mats or moncler sale mats for standing desks in offices won work, but you can find a variety of cut outs and depressions in these salon floor mats that fit snugly around the base of your styling chairs whether they are round or square.

moncler factory outlet Another important shape factor is you want your mat to have monlcer down jackets sloping sides that act as a ramp. This will prevent dangerous tripping hazards and allow you to more easily move salon trolley carts around and on top of them. moncler factory outlet

Thickness. Thickness is completely a personal choice though most experts advise not going any thinner than half an inch thick as any less than that and your mat is more likely to out meaning you on the mat, but it so compressed you basically standing on the floor. One inch thick is about the maximum thickness before it becomes more like walking on a mattress topper. Not so squishy that it causes your body to work overtime to stay upright and not so firm that you might as well be standing on the floor.

moncler outlet uk Material. You want a material that can be easily cleaned while being durable, and long lasting. Salon anti fatigue mats need to be able to withstand prolonged use, being swept multiple times a day, and may have to handle high heels. moncler outlet uk

Check out the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety Anti Fatigue Mat Fact Sheet for more information Moncler Outlet on anti fatigue mats and when to use them.

Let take a look at the best on the market right now.

1. Semi Circle Comfort Craft Mat by Rhino Mats

Rhino Mats are one of the top names in salon anti fatigue mats for a reason. It a father and son founded business that creates their industrial mats in the United States with materials produced and sourced from the United States.

moncler jacket sale Their mats moncler outlet online are sturdy, well made, and sleek. This mat is part of their Comfort Craft collection which has a non absorbent polyurethane sponge center calibrated to increase circulation and reduce back stress. moncler jacket sale

moncler outlet jackets It a good balance of firmness and squish factor (which is probably not the scientific term.) At three quarters of an inch thick this is their deluxe mat and has their classic anti slip surface for client and employee safety, but the surface isn so textured that it makes hair sweeping difficult. moncler outlet jackets

In addition to the classic semi circle shape, this mat is also available as a rectangle, hexagon, and large hexagon which has the salon chair sitting entirely upon the mat.

Buy the Semi Circle Comfort Craft Mat by Rhino Mats here.

cheap moncler coats If you moncler mens jackets want a full, thick cushion, check out this mat from Saloniture. At once inch thick, this mat is about as tall as you can get before it starts becoming too soft for comfort. cheap moncler coats

cheap moncler outlet The material cheap moncler outlet is waterproof and puncture resistant so it safe to walk on with high heels. With taller mats, the tapering of the edges to prevent a tripping hazard is very important and this moncler outlet mat sees to that cheap moncler outlet.

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