Blog: I Covered The Gujarat Election

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Opinion: Blog: Hi Ministers, My Response To Your FitnessChallengeSunetra ChoudhuryThursday, May 24, 2018As my timeline explodes with the adrenaline from all the weights that are being lifted and push ups being thrust by the bold and the beautiful, I think back to the time when the first International Yoga Day was marked in 2015. At that time, I’d reported on all the government excitement and build up; afterwards, I was in Istanbul for a break when I.Blog: No, Minister, You Don’t Get To Call Me FatSunetra ChoudhuryFriday, April 20, 2018You know that story this week where the Tamil Nadu governor Banwari Lal Purohit touched a reporter’s cheek and was then publicly shamed for it till he apologised? I can’t get that out of my head because it’s the first instance of its kind where journalists got together and demanded an apology in a public letter.Blog: From Indira To Rajiv, 10 Defining Moments Of Election SeasonsSunetra ChoudhurySunday, April 1, 2018Whether it’s this one or the late night drama and tug of war between the two A’s Amit Shah and Ahmed Patel or the victory due to faulty pens in the Haryana elections, there’s always a hook if you look for it in the polling ring.Blog: Here’s Winking At You, Priya Varrier, More Power to Your SwagSunetra ChoudhuryWednesday, February 21, 2018Thanks to the good fight led by young actor Priya Varrier and the filmmakers, I also learnt that the winking song actually has some very religions connotations.Blog: I Covered The Gujarat Election. My Top 10 TakeawaysSunetra ChoudhuryMonday, December 18, 2017Modi magic, Amit Shah grit, and other takeaways from GujaratBlog: Has Gujarat Really Transformed RG? Here Are A Few CluesSunetra ChoudhuryWednesday, December 13, 2017It isn’t just Rahul’s evolution that we are looking at, it is also RG’s new found brothers in arms Hardik, Jignesh and Alpesh.Blog: Ex Principal Thampu Reveals 5 Big Scandals About St.

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She done a lot for us, and yeah

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