‘The prosecutor said: ‘If the person identified as the driver

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canada goose store Very very interesting. Dangerous place already and now they’ve kicked the hornet’s nest. Will they run? Kill him? Etc. TheMaserati which collided with vet Theresa Wade’s van was travelling at 95.5mph just minutes before the crash in which she died, a court was told today (Tuesday).Claims manager with Trax Global Solutions, Nicholas Street, 51, told the High Court in Glasgow he extracted the information from a black box in the high powered car.Mr Street told prosecutor Tim Niven Smith that the speed recorded by the car just before 8pm on October 28, 2015, was 95.51mph.He was asked by Mr Niven Smith if the car then decreased its speed to 90.19mph and then to 69.05mph and replied: ‘Yes.’The court heard that the next recorded reading at 8.01pm was 0mph.Mr Niven Smith then asked: ‘We know that canada goose discount uk the Maserati was involved in a collision on this road. canada goose outlet michigan Does this give an indication of the speed at or about the time of the collision?’and Mr Street replied: ‘Yes, haydar-furniture 69.05mph.’The prosecutor said: ‘If the person identified as the driver said they were driving at 55mph, that is not consistent with the data,’ and Mr Street replied: ‘No, it’s not.’The black box was installed in the Maserati by hire company Sixt. Wainwright hired the car from the firm at Edinburgh Airport before driving to Mull.Earlier Constable Sharon Carr told of arriving at the crash scene at about 8.20pm.She said: ‘I saw the Maserati had extensive damage and the white van was on the verge in a ditch.’Constable Carr said Wainwright was sitting on the ground with his head in his hands and the other occupant of the Maserati, Jerome Lopez, was standing in the roadway.The police officer told the jury that a member of the ambulance crew at the scene told her Ms Wade was dead.The road was closed and specialist police officers from Oban were brought over by the lifeboat crew and arrived on the scene at 2.50am.The trial before Judge John Morris QC continues.We at The Oban Times endeavour to ensure that all our reports are fair and accurate and comply with the Editors’ Code of Practice set by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) canada goose store.

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